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Laundry is a duty that everyone wants to get rid off as soon as humanly possible. I’m sure we all had daydreams of dumping our garments into a box to magically restore it to the original state. Although we may not have it in reality, these methods are your next best thing.

Don’t neglect your laundry
If you kept your working clothes in a bag to do a work-out, remember to wash them as soon as possible. The best way to get rid of dirt and smell is to wash it as soon as possible. Even if the daily laundry basket yield only a few articles, it would be smart to just hand wash them.

Sort your laundry by:
Separate light-coloured fabrics from the dark ones. Dark colour fabrics usually bleeds dye during wash, tainting the lighter ones. Do not mix them during laundry.

Identify the types of fabric, and separate them accordingly. Some of the rough fabric can damage the delicates.

Soil Level
Fabric with stains should not be mix with other laundry articles. They can easily transfer the soil which would make your job harder than it already is. Set it aside for pre-treatment.

Check your laundry
After sorting them all out, it is important to check your laundry to ensure the pockets are empty, zippers are closed, buttons are undone and clothes are inside out. These are all preventative measures to allow your garments last longer.

Pre-treat your soiled fabrics
Stains are not stubborn if you know exactly how to handle them. Check the fabric care label and identify the type of stains before proceeding. Although you should always treat it promptly, it is also important to understand it. Most stains can be removed simply by applying our TOP Liquid or Powder detergent paste on the stain before washing it accordingly.

Add detergent at the right time
If your washing machine has a designated dispenser for detergent, all you need to do is fill it in with our TOP Liquid or Powder and let it work its magic. However, if it is not available; you should add it when the machine is filled half way with water. Avoid adding it directly on top of your garments as it may damage them. On the other hand, softener should be added at the beginning of the final rinse.

Dry, Iron and Store
Shake them out so they will dry easier and with less wrinkles. Dry under the sun as it always gives a fresh and natural feeling to your fabric. Don’t hang wet woolen fabrics, just lay them flat on a towel under direct sunlight to prevent misshapen garment. Iron accordingly, from garments requiring lowest heat. Iron in a straight motion, lengthwise to prevent stretching. Ensure the clothes are cool and dry before folding them. Store the garments loosely to allow them to breathe and air to circulate. Prevent from storing them in humid places away from the light. If necessary, use chemical desiccant to absorb the moistures.