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You may not know but low suds detergent is a relatively new market as it is specially designed for front load washing machine. It is formulated to produce less suds and gentle towards front load machine’s drum. Front load washing machine and low suds detergent will be a great addition to your premium lifestyle as it is highly efficient as well as eco-friendly.

Product USP: Anti Mite-Dust
Your best choice for low suds detergent is TOP as it features Anti Mite-Dust with the ability to remove 99.9% of mite dust. Mite dust is not just a mere dust, it consists of the droppings and dead bodies of dust mites which can be easily found practically anywhere within your house dust. The enzymes and proteins within the mite dust are potent antigens. They are the very thing that triggers up to 80% allergies within your home*. As of now, it is still the number one allergen in Malaysian homes. To top it off, 53% of those who are affected will face severe sleeping problem**. That is not all; up to 85% of asthma, hay fever and rhinitis patients (especially children) are vulnerable to these dusts***. It is vital to remove the mite dust with our Anti Mite-Dust feature in TOP low suds detergent in order to preserve your quality of life.

Product USP: Anti Malodour
Sometimes, it rains so often that you need to dry your laundry indoors. However, using a normal low suds detergent means that you would have to bear with the foul smell coming from your wet garments. Rest assured, our TOP low suds detergent comes equipped with Anti Malodour feature that allows indoor drying in your home. Our low suds detergent is designed to remove the bad odour and gives a fresh and fragrant smell even when your laundries have yet to dry. You won’t have to re-do your laundry when the weather is not accommodating to your fine needs.

Product USP: Anti Bacteria
Getting dirt, soil and stain is a normal occurrence. Those unfortunate things are usually swarming with filthy bacteria. It is important to remove those unwanted things from your garment and keep it clean. This is where our TOP detergent comes in. TOP Low Suds detergent is formulated with the power to kill 99.9% of bacteria. Ensuring clean and hygienic clothes for you and your family.

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